Seerosen Psychotherapy is a conversation within a protected setting where you have the chance to cofide openly, talk about things that you usually don't speak about, because it seems hard to.

Psychotherapy is a way to the inside, that is a very personal exploration of yourself.

It's important to pay attention to your feelings and to honor them in a save protected space.

The goal of psychotherapy is to take your life into your own hands authentically and in a free and responsible way.

Der Weg Phases of therapy:

1. Relief phase: Through speaking and confiding about aspects of life that are perceived as difficult can be experienced as a relief.

2. Phase of change: In this phase you are searching for ways to change difficult things in your environment.

3. Refinement: The changes are expanded and stabilised to become a basic ground in life.

Psychotherapy can also be applied in short term, for example in singular counselling sessions concerning specific topics.

For a successful therapy the motivation of the client is a determining factor.

The more ready you are to arise and to get involved in the process the faster progress can be achieved.

Seerosen To be used: for example

Psychotherapy private and with health insurance certificate ("Krankenschein")| open places with health insurance funds here| All other health insurance companies with grants